Our Services

The Sensation Salon and Academy’s team serves to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products and services when visiting our salon. It is our pleasure to offer a complete and unique range of salon/spa services coupled with friendly and efficient service.

Haircut & Beard Trimming (for men)

An impeccable haircut and a well-trimmed beard are just a few of the little things that it takes for a man to look sensational. Get looks that truly express you at Sensation Salon and Academy.

Haircut (for women)

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. Get the haircut that completes your look and helps you express who you are.

Hair Color

Don’t we all need hair that is in sync with who we are, and helps us express ourselves? But, the possible side-effects of using chemicals on our hair scares us. The team of hair experts at Sensation cares about your problem and therefore, the hair products that we use in our services are exclusively from Loreal Professionnel.

Hair Spa

We miss the days when Sunday champis or hair oil massages with our mothers and grandmothers were a ritual. Those are hard to do now with hectic lifestyles that keep us away from home for long periods of time. However, you can always opt for a hair spa and get the same benefits. A hair spa by the experienced professionals at Sensation will help you get rid of most hair and scalp issues.

Keratin and Cysteine treatment for hair

Is your hair unruly, damaged, unmanageable? Then look no further. Cysteine & Keratin hair treatment will come to your rescue and will ensure that your hair stays in place and looks gorgeous.

Hair botox

Do you feel your hair is damaged beyond repair? Or Have you given up on all the other hair treatments, because they just don’t help you manage your hair? If your answer is yes, then hair botox is just the right fit for you. Hair botox is an anti-aging hair treatment. It can transform even the most damaged head of hair into smooth and lustrous locks. Visit us and get the hair you truly deserve.


Our skin is the largest organ of our body and along with our daily skincare routine, it needs to be pampered by experts.

BB Glow

Did you ever imagine that you will be able to wake up with clean flawless foundation-like skin every day? Seems unbelievable, but it’s true. It is now safe and possible due to the latest Korean technology, known as BB Glow skin treatment. A skin glow treatment is the latest trend in skincare technology. This method of skincare is a popular treatment in Singapore and Korea, producing amazing results.


If you are looking for the best results and the safest option, professional waxing is the best choice. It is safer and more reliable than a DIY waxing kit and is, by far, the best way to maintain healthy, smooth, and glowing skin.

Pedicure & Manicure

Change, enhance, or maintain the look of your nails. Our beauty experts will get you nails that look fantastic. Besides the looks, Pedicure & Manicure helps you improve the health of your skin, prevent infections and improves your mental health.

Eyelash extension

These are semi-permanent lashes that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes. Because eyelash extensions are glued on one lash at a time, unlike strip lashes, they’re super customizable and actually look real.


Get the stylish eyebrows you’ve always wanted. This technique can help you bulk up on thin eyebrows, create long, shapely eyebrows, or even achieve a whole new eyebrow shape!

In fact, microblading can be an easy and fairly inexpensive way to save time on making your eyebrows look great every morning!

Bridal Makeup

Your special day demands a look that is impeccable and elegant. The beauty experts at our salon are trained by the most prestigious brands to do just that. Get bridal makeup by Sensation that will light up the wedding. And as icing on the cake, we provide this service both in-salon and at the client’s home.

Body spa

We work, we deal with people we don’t want to, we deal with traffic, bosses and we make it through a gruelling day making it look easy! God knows it isn’t! With all the stress and toil we go through every day, a spa treatment has moved on from being a luxury to a necessity. Get the spa treatment that rejuvenates you at Sensation Salon & Academy.

Nail Art

Whether you’re just looking for a fresh new shade to paint your nails, or you’re a burgeoning nail artist looking for your next design.

What are you waiting for?